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        2017/2018 STAFF

Front Row L to R:  Kelsie Simon, CC Nicholson, Sabella Maas, Paige Grayson

Middle Row L to R:  Azalea Story, Diane Skala, Michelle Honsey, Katie Gillespie, Gabby Flemming

Back Row L to R:  Jill Hoggard, Dave Hoggard, Melynda Schultz

2017/2018 Competition Teams

Front Row L to R:  Mara Oien, Lucy Abernathey, Natasha DeVries, Katie Gillespie, Jill Hoggard, Diane Skala, Michelle Honsey,                                              Michelle Minton, Lori Wencl, Heather Duneman

2nd Row L to R:  Naomi Jones, Jaelyn Otte, Aurora Heintz, Halle Anderson, Jessalynn Smith, Sophia Miller, Annika Wilke,
                              Faith Hager, Ellie Zeman, Sofia Maas, Christina Bell, Lauren Prestegard, Grace Thiele, Melany Davis,
                              Lexi Kennedy, Sophia Hanson, Sophea Nirk, Norah Kath, Jordan Otte

3rd Row L to R:  Krista Esch, Azalea Story, Sabella Maas, Gabby Flemming, Rachel Ivance, Elise Sande, Emily Keck, Paige Grayson,
                             Alix Bettin, Miya Weber, Kelsie Simon, CC Nicholson, Whitni Minton, Keezia Rud, Julia Dallenbach

Back Row L to R:  Sophia Mrotz, Jocelynn Madson, Morgan Lien, Ava Carroll, Grace Nirk, Olivia Shaw, Luca Gfrerer, Lilly Wilder,
                                Lily Graves, Kate Sande, Chris Goodpaster, Isabella Schroeder

                2016 Steele County FREE Fair performers

Kinder Prep visit 2016

Jill Hoggard Academy of Dance 
has been a member of the Owatonna Chamber of Commerce

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