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U&Me (ages 2&3),
Creative Dance (ages 3-5),
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Street Jazz,
Pointe, and Dance Classes for Adults,
6 Competition Team: Kind-1st, 2nd and 3rd grade, 
4th and 5th, 6th - 8th, 9th - 12th and Adult.

U & ME
is a pre-creative 30 minute class which meets once each week

and is designed for 2-4 year olds who are not ready to be left alone in
class. Each dancer is accompanied by one adult each week, although it
does not always need to be the same person. Mom, Dad, big sister or
brother, or Grandma, etc. may accompany the dancer. U & ME is a won-
derful introduction to dance classes.

CREATIVE DANCE is a 30 minute class which meets once per week and is
designed for pre-school children ages 3-5. The class aims for a moving and
rhythmical knowledge of body parts, numbers, letters, shapes, locomotor
movements and directional movements. Each dance-song taught has a specific
movement and/or rhythmic purpose. As the year progresses, the movements
learned in the dance-songs will be combined together and used in a per-
sonality song. They will rehearse entrances and exits along with their
song for a concert performance. As they are learning to "dance," there
is an important underlying emphasis on strengthening and limbering
their bodies to build a dancer body. In this class there is never a "wrong"
dance movement. Their own movement is a necessary and purposeful
part of their dance learning.

BALLET-TAP Combination Class is a ¾ hour (Level 1) or one hour (Level 2) class
that meets once per week for students in kindergarten and older, or for those
who have a creative dance class background. In Ballet class, time is taken to
stretch, limber, and strengthen the body. The student will be learning fun
dance-songs using plie', tendu, passe', releve', and turns. These songs use Ballet
and rhythmic movements necessary in learning Ballet combinations. As the year
progresses, the movements learned at the barre and on the floor will be combined
and choreographed in a dance. Tap class begins at the barre. The steps
progress from one sound to two to three and so on until the student can
dance a complete routine by combining the steps in various ways.
Students practice the fundamental barre and floor steps in every class
in order that they develop skill in hitting the dance floor sharply for a
clear sound and in perfect time to the music. We adapt the Tap steps
into a personality song for performance.

BALLET-JAZZ-TAP Combination class is a 1 ½ or two hour class
(depending on the student's age) which meets once each week. There
are basically three levels: beginner-intermediate-advanced. Every class
aims to stretch, limber, and strengthen the body, as well as work on
technique by using steps, combinations, and turns. Ballet class starts
at the barre warming up the feet and body. Plie', tendu, degage',
develope', attitude, arabesque, balance', grande battement, and many
other Ballet movements are combined at the appropriate level and speed
being taught. On the floor, steps are taught (using the barre technique)
and are combined with varied musical rhythms and speeds corresponding
to the class level. Ballet is a very difficult, precise, and technical art form,
but with patience and dedication every student can benefit. Jazz class
students learn body isolation, across-the-floor movements, center floor
movements, and turns. The benefits of Jazz dance are similar to Ballet,
but the music and style are different. Tap class starts at the barre and
progresses, using a graded series. When the barre and floor combinations
at each level are completed, a Tap routine of that level is taught. In children's
classes, more than one routine is learned before advancing to the next level. 

POINTE and PRE-POINTE Classes are offered to advanced students who
wish to take their knowledge of Ballet to another level. Pre-Pointe class is for
dancers with or without Pointe shoes and meets once per week. It begins by
teaching fundamental strengthening and warm up exercises necessary
to prepare students for dancing in Pointe shoes. Instruction begins at
the barre and moves to the floor using the same movements that are
common to Ballet classes. When students' legs, ankles, and feet are
strong enough to support wearing Pointe shoes, the teacher will
recommend that they begin wearing them in class. The process of
strengthening and stretching continues throughout the year. Pointe
class meets once per week and is a continuation of Pre pointe, with
increasingly difficult movements. All students in the class wear Pointe
shoes, and only dedicated students are invited to move into this level.
The movements learned in class are combined to create a dance that
will be performed in the concerts.

STREET JAZZ for 6th-8th graders is an add-on class to the student’s
regular technique-based Ballet-Tap-Jazz class. It can be taken alone
without a regular technique class in grades 9-12. Street Jazz explores
the new styles of movement that erupt daily. Styles vary with the teacher
and include a warm-up, technique and cool-down. Styles learned are combined
into a dance and performed in the concerts.

COMPETITION TEAM is an add-on class.  We have four levels.

ADULT Classes are available at selected times during the dance year
and normally last eight weeks, meeting once per week. In these sessions,
the same classes that are available to students (Ballet, Tap, or Jazz) are
offered to adults. Tai Chi and Exercise classes have also been available.
We are open to suggestions for new upcoming classes; be sure to share
these with the studio office and ask to become a part of our adult
mation mailing list.

*Dance classes are in session September-May.
*After September, class fees are paid bi-monthly (on the first days of
October, December, and February, and April).
*Tuition is nonrefundable but registered students may make up missed
 classes if available.
*Two spacious mirrored studios featuring sprung maple hardwood floors and
state-of-the-art sound systems.
*Waiting area for parents to watch their children via television monitors.
*Vending machines in lobby supply snacks and beverages &
restrooms in both studios and in lobby.
*Lobby with benches and heated vestibule with full view of the parking lot.
*Students must wear appropriate dance attire in class(available in our
"Gotta Dancewear" shop).
*Advanced students are given the opportunity to assist teachers and
occasionally teach class.
*Ask about our summer session and performance
*Our "Gotta Dancewear" shop offers all the qualitydancewear necessary for
 dancers to move comfortablywith agility at remarkably reasonable prices.
We stock the essentials: dance shoes, leotards, pants, bikers, uni-tards, tights,
skirts, legwarmers, and dance bags; as well as the extras: hair accessories,
tap buttons, jewelry, and an assortment of gifts.  "Gotta Dancewear" accepts
Visa and Mastercard.

Meet our staff.

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Jill Hoggard Academy of Dance holds a vision that dance as an art is basic to
educating our children.  We are dedicated to building a future for dance education
as art, education and life!   Thank you for helping make this vision a reality.

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